What are the requirements for AGWM (00) account billing?

There are a few requirements Assemblies of God World Missions has for its missionaries when you choose to bill your (00) account. All prayer cards must have the following:

  1. Name: Must have First and Last Name*
  2. Logos and AGWM wording: Must have AGWM logo or the words “AG World Missions”, Assemblies of God World Missions”, or “AGWM”. Associates must have the word “associate." 
    1. If you serve in a sensitive country per AGWM, the region or ministry logo needs to be there in place of the AGWM logo. If you are not in a sensitive country, you need to include the AGWM logo or the wording above in addition to the Region logo.
  3. Contact Info: Phone, email, and mailing address. "1445 N. Boonville Ave” should only appear in the giving area, not for personal mail.
  4. Account # and Commitment: Account # and a way for people to send a commitment: 
    1. an online link (s1.ag.org/missionaryname) or 
    2. a giving address of 1445 N. Boonville Ave, Springfield, MO 65802

AGWM may decline your (00) billing request if you do not have the required information. With the many organizations we work with, we aren't able to ensure you have the correct content. You are responsible to make sure the required information is included.

*Workers in sensitive countries/regions do not have to include their last name and should not include the AGWM logo.

Table Throw (00) Account Billing Limitations

Anything over $100 will be a personal expense.

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